Hever PROF: Professional and Executive Job Placement

Hever PROF: Professional and Executive Job Placement



Hever PROF: Professional and Executive Job Placement deals with executive and junior executive positions. The division comprises several specialty departments, each with its own professional staff, and deals with the following fields: operations, logistics, procurement and acquisitions, marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, finance (accountants and economists), and law.




Our human resources section provides solutions for a range of HR positions, from junior manager to senior executive, in the areas of recruitment, training, salary and benefits, organizational consulting, diagnostics, employee welfare, internal communications, human resources and so on – from coordinators through vice presidents.





This desk specializes in two related yet separate fields. The first is the world that spans from accountants fresh out of their internships to vice presidents of finance and everything in between, including assistant controllers, controllers, assistant finance managers and more.

The second specialty is the range of economist roles, from entry-level jobs to senior executive positions.





This bureau specializes in recruiting and placing legal professionals: attorneys, company secretaries and legal advisers with business backgrounds who come to the positions with relevant experience.



Specializes in recruiting and placing professionals in the fields of operations and logistics, specifically purchasing management, logistics management, operations management, acquisition, import, export and so on.

Our candidates have BAs or graduate degrees in logistics/business administration/industrial management and have accrued business management experience in these fields at companies of all types and sizes.



This section also deals with two related but separate fields. In the marketing field, we fill requests for sector managers, brand managers, section managers, marketing managers, advertising managers, online marketing managers, marketing strategists, research and strategy managers, marketing analysts, marketing vice presidents and more.  

In the sales realm, we place customer account managers, regional field sales managers, international sales managers, branch or chain managers, call-center managers and more.


For more information, call us at +972-3-765-0020

Or email us at prof@hever.co.il

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