Five things you didn’t know about hiring workers in Israel

They’re smart, hardworking, creative, and determined, so it’s no wonder that the best organizations and companies in the world want to hire them. Of course, we’re talking about Israeli workers — a spice that every company needs. So what are the most important things that you should know about them, and how to solve the logistical problems involved in hiring them? Here are five things that will help you bring the Israeli talent you need into your company.

Over the past few decades, it’s been hard to ignore a name that has popped up again and again when it comes to innovation, invention, and technology: Israel. The fact that this tiny country has become a greenhouse for particularly talented workers has not escaped the notice of the world’s best companies and organizations. Israeli workers are in such demand all over the world that the competition to hire them has never been so high. So before you begin your efforts to bring the best Israeli workers into your company, there are a few things you should know. Spoiler alert: Start working on the way you think, because they are going to change it beyond recognition.

1. Israelis think and operate differently — which is both their charm and their challenge

Israeli culture is warmhearted, creative, and open-minded. As a result, Israelis like to take initiative, think creatively, and solve problems in unconventional ways. The best way to describe the feeling that prevails throughout the country is “Benevolent chaos” — and although great things come out of that chaos, managers and colleagues from different cultures may find it a challenge. But don’t worry: once both sides have adapted, which won’t take long at all, you will find that the Israelis you have chosen to employ are people who see the success of the company they work for as their own. That’s how it is with people who put their hearts and souls into everything they do.

2. Israeli workers tend to be direct — with their managers, too

One of the most common characteristics of Israelis is their uncompromising directness. It has even gotten a nickname of its own: “Israeli hutzpah.” This directness can be seen in the way they communicate, in the workplace as well as in life: They want to cut to the chase right away. You mustn’t think that this comes from a lack of respect. The opposite is true: they want to show things the way they are as much as possible so that they can solve problems right away and get them off the table.

3. There is a great deal of competition to employ talent from Israel

Israelis’ creative way of thinking, along with their reputation for daring, have made Israel the Startup Nation — and made Israeli workers the most in-demand employees in the world. The fact that Israeli workers are just as interested in working for international companies makes for a perfect match, so it is no wonder that there is a great deal of competition among global corporations for Israeli talent. If you would also like to employ Israelis, we recommend that you use an Israeli placement firm that specializes in the local market and can recruit the best workers in Israel.

4. You don’t have to relocate Israeli workers

Many companies and organizations are interested in recruiting Israeli workers to their ranks, but do not want to deal with the logistics involved in relocating them. Hever Human Capital, an Israeli placement firm, provides convenient outsourcing solutions that will enable you to hire talented Israeli workers without having to worry about issues such as tax regulations or local employment laws, or deal with employee welfare matters.

5. Israeli workers can move your organization to the next level

We don’t know whether it’s their sharp intellect, ability to improvise, directness, creativity, or a magic combination of all of these, but Israeli workers tend to provide unexpected solutions to problems that your organization may be facing, which can move your company forward. Their motivation stems from a sense of belonging to the organization that they work for, so always remember to give them good feedback when they deserve it. That will keep the wheels of their creativity turning — and that’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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