Hever ITR

Hever ITR

Hever ITR is a Recruitment firm specializing in professional and high-quality identification, screening and placement for technology and engineering positions, for students / graduates, engineers, developers, team leaders and senior personnel.


Hever ITR has branches in Haifa, Tel Aviv and on the Technion campus, and it provides a response for the entire spectrum of engineering fields: software engineering, QA, internet, hardware engineering, physics, mechanical engineering, materials, chemical engineering, marketing, sales and business development, industrial engineering, IT, information systems, etc.


Among our clients are start-ups, venture capital funds, international and domestic high-tech Hever ITR has an extensive network of contacts in the faculties at the leading universities in Israelcompanies and large organizations.


Contact us about seeking employment or about recruiting employees: ITR@hever.co.il


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