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About Hever Project Management and Outsourcing


Hever Management and Outsourcing Ltd manages projects, operations, business units and training. Hever Management and Outsourcing has extensive and diverse experience managing all types of projects, among them the introduction and integration of new technologies; the management of professional technology workers for international corporations; managing telephone service and sales centers; operating administrative units; managing and operating reception stations; handling resume screening; and technical writing and translation.


The Project Management Department specializes in operating many different types of business units, including management and supervision of the workers at the client's location.


1. We'll Help Your Firm Fulfill its Vision:


Hever Management and Outsourcing has extensive experience operating service units for clients and setting up client-focused task forces whose objective is to advance the client's professional activities. Leading each team is Hever's relevant division manager, assisted by a professional tapped to be the task force liaison.

This liaison conducts an in-depth study of the client's activities, work procedures in the client's facility, and the tasks required to operate the unit or department properly. The liaison will visit the facility frequently and meet regularly for updates and clarifications with the client-appointed project supervisor.

All the accumulated knowledge will be documented in internal documents and written work procedures, so as to maintain a consistent, professional work standard.


2. We'll Improve the Quality of Your Service:


As part of the evaluation of the client's activities, appropriate criteria will be set for company performance. A process to determine whether workers are meeting said criteria will also be defined, as will a system of rewards geared towards facilitating ongoing improvement.

The assessed criteria will include employee turnover, meeting goals to reduce absenteeism, and reaching performance goals as determined by the relevant managers. There will also be personal evaluations and organizational adjustments.

These and other criteria, which will be chosen jointly, will be the basis for launching a process of ongoing performance improvement. The criteria are interpersonal and can be modified at any point in the process.

Pursuing improvement based on the above criteria will be conducted as follows:


The criteria will be made known to the employees at every level.

Every employee will have a personal meeting with the task force liaison at least once a month.

The task force liaison will hold a work meeting with company officials once a month to get feedback, discuss work procedures, evaluate improvement, and more.


"Mystery shopper" service quality inspections and feedback:

The task force liaison is responsible for arranging periodic "mystery shopper" encounters, whose purpose is to regularly audit the quality of service, while clarifying and augmenting the unit's training programs as needed.

Every inspection will be summarized in a written report, which will include a summary of the parameters used in the encounter and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses it revealed.

On the basis of this report, training programs will be adjusted as necessary.  


3. We'll Let You Do What You Do Best


We believe our clients should be dealing only with their core businesses. Other issues, such as worker recruitment and screening, as well as on-site management and training, should be handled by Hever Management and Outsourcing.

The client thus receives a higher level of professional service than he could have developed on his own, while maintaining maximum flexibility.

Out clients include high-tech firms, communication companies, banks, military and security units requiring high security clearance, etc.


Sample projects:


Algems, a GE company: Management of reception area and security.


Pfizer: Management of reception area and communications center.


Tefen: Management of reception area.


NDS: Management of reception area and operation of administrative services in various departments.


Applied Materials: Hever Management and Outsourcing has been managing the company’s team of integrators since 2006. Hever tests, screens and employs dozens of certified integrators for Applied Materials in an outsourcing assignment that includes total and comprehensive management of the project.

The project manager at Hever is responsible for the entire screening process, including professional testing, personal evaluation, employee assessment and managerial feedback.


Bank Leumi: Hever operates a comprehensive system of telephone banking and customer service.


Survey projects: Field surveys conducted for Dove and Hamashbir Lezarchan at dozens of locations throughout the country for several months.


Elbit Technical Writing: Technical writing projects were assigned, carried out, translated and edited.


Hever Management and Outsourcing Divisions


The Administration Division: Specializing in management, training and operating administrative units for work groups in a company; managing and operating reception areas.  


The Manufacturing and Operations Division: Specializes in managing, preparing and operating manufacturing units in a company, including integrators, installation technicians and service personnel (day or night), and manufacturing teams for various assignments and projects.


The Sales and Service Division: Specializes in managing, training and operating telephone sales and service teams, telemarketing units, etc.


HR Division: Specializes in managing and operating résumé screening centers and recruiting operation for clients.


Logistics and Purchasing Division: Specializing in managing, preparing and operating logistics frameworks and warehouse systems, supply chains and logistics centers.   


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