Our Company Values

Our Company Values:


Family atmosphere- Hever is committed to maintaining a personal, caring, and fully discreet relationship with its clients, business partners and employees.

Valuing our workers- Hever sees its workers as the primary basis for its success and is a company whose employees are proud to call home. Hever encourages teamwork, creativity, initiative and excellence, delegating authority while demanding accountability.

Hever maintains a warm relationship with its employees, offering them opportunities for personal development and advancement, as well as satisfaction and pleasure from their work.

Professionalism- Hever delivers professional and expert service in its varied specialties, and focuses on providing accurate and speedy solutions while fully involving clients and candidates at every step of the process.

Stability- During all of its years in business, Hever has demonstrated financial vigor, robustness and resilience, no matter the state of the economy. Hever's authority and vast experience in all of its endeavors has made it a mainstay of the Israeli market almost since its founding.

Innovation- Hever aspires to be the leading group in its field in Israel, by providing diverse, creative, and innovative services while making use of the most advanced technology.

Fairness and Integrity- Hever aspires to maintain relationships founded on fairness, trust and transparency with business partners, clients and employment candidates.

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